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Cluster Electric Mobility South-West

The Cluster Electric Mobility South-West covers the entire value chain of the mobility industry through cooperation between efficient automobile manufacturers, globally leading system suppliers, or numerous renowned medium-sized companies and excellent research institutions and universities. The Cluster Electric Mobility South-West thus provides the basis for new innovation processes.

Electric mobility

Electric mobility is a megatrend that will, together with connected vehicles, autonomous driving and digitalised production, significantly change the automobile itself, its use and the way it is manufactured in the years to come. Electric mobility is also a key factor for achieving climate targets. The State Agency for New Mobility Solutions and Automotive, e-mobil BW, supports the advancement of this technology via the Cluster Electric Mobility South-West. 


The cluster members share a common vision of working on energy-efficient and environmentally compatible mobility solutions in an era of scarce resources. Innovative technologies and methods are used to lay the foundations for new, sustainable, and economical products and business models that secure and create a new basis for our regional value creation and employment throughout Baden-Württemberg. The symbiotic collaboration of the members of the Cluster Electric Mobility South-West contributes to their global leadership in the area of sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions.

The aim of the network is to advance the industrialisation of new mobility concepts in Germany and to establish Baden-Württemberg as an integrated research, development, and production location with international appeal.

Close cooperation


The Cluster Electric Mobility South-West offers its members and partners opportunities for information exchange and networking, initiates collaborative projects and supports stakeholders in accessing funding programmes at regional state, federal state and EU level.

The strategic focus of the Cluster Electric Mobility South West’s activities is on improving the innovative capacity of its members through cooperation in working and project groups. Among others, the following topics are being tackled: E-motor production, the effects that digitalisation has on vehicles and the entire ecosystem, commercial vehicles as special applications, and the role of batteries in the circular economy, among other things. Cross-cutting issues in the areas of internationalisation and qualification are also addressed.

The cluster succeeds in bringing together companies from different sectors with research institutions in a unique, long-term and extremely stable cooperation network, thus accelerating research and development in the field of new mobility solutions. Therefore, the cluster significantly contributes to the technological change towards low-emission and connected mobility, supported by an efficient market.