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The long-term strategy of the cluster Electric Mobility South-West is reflected in its clear committee structure. The clear structure of the collaboration makes it possible to strategically develop the overall cluster, for example in knowledge management, internationalisation and education, and the organisation of technological projects. All of the activities are organised in the cluster’s committees.

Core team

The core team is the central advisory and decision-making committee of the cluster. As an established tool for formulating intentions it meets on a monthly basis, or more frequently as required. It is comprised of representatives chosen from the various interest groups, heads of the fields of innovation, and the cluster management.

Full team

To focus activities and strategic orientation, all cluster partners meet in the full team. These meetings take place up to 5 times a year at different locations of the cluster partners, and also provide an opportunity for networking.

Fields of innovation

All project activities are assigned to one of the four fields of innovation of Vehicle, Production, ICT and Energy. One industrial and one scientific head, both members of the core team, are appointed to each of the fields of innovation of the cluster. They report to the cluster management on project progress and actively shape project planning within the fields of innovation.

Specialist advisory board

For scientific questions on issues specific to the cluster the core team receives advice from the specialist advisory board. Since it is staffed by five notable scientists who are not partners in cluster projects themselves, objective advice on scientific questions is assured for the cluster. The specialist advisors were selected based on their fields of research, to ensure that all the areas of technology addressed by the cluster Electric Mobility South-West are represented.

Cluster management

e-mobil BW GmbH has permanently assumed the role of managing the cluster. As the state’s central contact and advisory centre on the subject of e-mobility, its task is to support enterprises in Baden-Wuerttemberg on the path to the industrialisation of e-mobility.

e-mobil BW advisory board and supervisory board

The cluster receives advice pertaining to content and strategy on a regular basis in the meetings of the advisory board of e-mobil BW, which is staffed by representatives from business, research, regions and municipalities.

The supervisory board of e-mobil BW, which also serves as the supervisory board for the cluster, is comprised of five state ministries. Four of the current six members of the supervisory board are state ministers.

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