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Working Group Commercial Vehicles

In the commercial vehicle segment, the use and further development of low-emission, electrified mobility solutions is becoming ever more important. The reasons for this are manifold: international and national agreements, such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the German Climate Protection Plan, stipulate that by 2050 traffic-induced CO2 emissions should be reduced by 90% compared to 1990. Local measures controlling urban air pollution, noise pollution and measures promoting industrial safety as well as economic considerations also advance the electrification of commercial vehicles. With the aim of tackling these challenges together, the 'Commercial Vehicles' working group was formed by the clusters Electric Mobility South-West and Fuel Cell BW. More partners are welcome to join.

From bus to machinery

The 'Commercial Vehicles' working group covers the entire range of the commercial vehicles segment. All fields of application with the potential for electrification are taken into account - from regular service buses to mobile machinery. The 'Commercial Vehicles' working group focuses not only on the development of complete electrified vehicles and research into new components, but also on modelling suitable operating procedures. Adapting different vehicle concepts to various use cases and specific fields of application is also a central issue.


Working out project ideas, bringing together partners for joint research projects and initiating projects on industrialisation and process innovations are the objectives of the working group. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular can benefit from the networking and build up know-how for their strategic work.

Further information

The info flyer provides an short overview of the activities and services of the Working group: Commercial vehicles.

The Working group Commercial vehicles within the Clusters Electric Mobility South-West and Fuel Cell BW is a cross-network initiative offering an innovation platform on all topics regarding commercial vehicles in Baden-Württemberg. We are also closely connected to all other relevant networks for commercial vehicles. The Working group is organised by the State Agency for New Mobility Solutions and Automotive Baden-Württemberg e-mobil BW GmbH and the Institute for Vehicle Systems Technology (FAST) at the KIT – Karlsruher Institute for Technology.