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The Cluster Electric Mobility South-West is widely known at national and international level. Its broad international networks, with relevant players mainly in Europe, but also in North America and Asia, play an essential role in this context.

Thanks to its network of established innovation and added-value chains in the automotive, energy, information and communication technology sectors, as well as mechanical and plant engineering, and thanks to its collaboration with excellent research institutes and universities in the relevant technology fields, Baden-Württemberg is in an excellent position to become an internationally leading innovation and production region in the field of alternative drive technologies.

Expanding the cluster's international cooperation network and its membership base will help to achieve the target of opening up relevant markets for attractive mobility solutions of the future. Small and medium-sized businesses especially will benefit from the cluster's offers, as they will have less difficulty finding relevant international target markets and suitable cooperation partners abroad.

International Partners of e-mobil BW.
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Activities and offers

If Baden-Württemberg's automotive industry wants to remain among the world leaders in the future, target-oriented cooperation within innovation networks must be strengthened further. The Cluster Electric Mobility South-West has developed a comprehensive action portfolio, enabling cluster members and partners to move their activities to an international level. Actions in the field of internationalisation include:

  • Delegation trips for companies, universities and research institutes
  • Initiation of international cooperation projects
  • Participation in international trade shows and congresses
  • Match-making events and cooperation forums in Germany and abroad
  • Informational events about international research and development locations for sustainable mobility
  • Intercultural training services

Through the Cluster Electric Mobility South-West, e-mobil BW cooperates with Baden-Württemberg International, the Steinbeis-Europe Centre and numerous clusters, networks and organisations in Germany and abroad in order to implement these internationalisation measures.

hEVy Charge EU

hEVy Charge EU is an initiative coordinated by regional mobility clusters to support the rapid market roll-out of battery electric heavy-duty vehicles by contributing to the realisation of a coherent Europe-wide charging corridor.

Emissionsfreier LKW fährt auf einer Autobahn.
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