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Points of contact

As part of e-mobil BW, the cluster management team applies state-of-the-art methods of cluster and project management to help cluster partners achieve the cluster’s goals.

If you are looking for information or have questions concerning the leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West, you will find the right contact person here. Please contact us. We will be delighted to help you!

Franz Loogen
President e-mobil BW

+49 711 892385-11
© e-mobil BW / KD Busch

Saskia Schüttke
Head of Electric Mobility Technologies

+49 711 892385-13
© e-mobil BW / KD Busch

Felicitas Behr
Cluster Electric Mobility South-West,
Project Management Scale-up E-Drive

+49 711 892385-25
© e-mobil BW / KD Busch

Walter Holderried
Cluster Electric Mobility South-West,
Commercial Vehicles, Electric Motors

+49 711 892385-38

Khan Nasserie
Cluster Electric Mobility South-West,
Battery, Production

+49 711 892385-21

Daniela Steppe
Qualification Battery

+49 711 892385-0

Stefan Büchele
Head of International Cooperation

+49 711 892385-19