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Working Group E-Motor Production

The technical requirements for the large-volume production and design of electric motors are high. The aim of the working group is to discuss challenges for efficient, high-quality e-motor production, also in larger quantities, and to implement necessary framework conditions.

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It is crucial for Baden-Württemberg as a business location to be able to profitably produce e-motors even in small quantities. OEMs, suppliers and researchers are confronted with a wide range of challenges: It is necessary to optimize the overall production process. However, the winding processes that are important for e-motor production must also be optimized and new approaches in winding technology must be pursued. Furthermore, quality control in high-volume production must be ensured. The integration of components such as power electronics, e-machine and gearbox also places further demands on the design of e-motors and their production.

Working Group E-Motor Production

  • connects key players
  • provides information ob suitable funding calls and
  • initiates new projects.

The working group is open to all cluster members.

Cooperation and activities

Cluster members can present themselves and their expertise in the workgroup, listen to expert presentations and initiate joint projects with workgroup partners. The focus is exclusively on pre-competitive topics, for example recycling, qualification & further education, new motor topologies or testing of components and drivetrains. Regarding compliance with antitrust law, the e-mobil BW Code of Conduct applies.

In addition, the cluster management provides information about funding calls at federal and state level and can assist with the application process. In order to expand the knowledge base of the workgroup, the Cluster Electromobility South-West has commissioned a study entitled "Value creation potential of e-motors for the automotive sector in Baden-Württemberg". This is expected to be published here in summer 2021.