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Efficient Modular Convenient Charging System

Today, plug-in connectors are the standard interface for charging electric vehicles. However, these systems have major disadvantages. Wireless and inductive charging are promising alternatives. EMCC consortium aims to develop and test a charging system that is modular, convenient, efficient, costeffective, and safe:

The project develops and validates an innovative induction charging system for electric vehicles with focus on modularity, user-friendliness, energy efficiency, price and safety. The modular approach with stackable "low power" and "high power" modules allows the system to be used in different applications from cars to buses and trucks. Users will be able to conveniently charge their electric vehicles inductively without manual intervention and with the help of an intelligent communication and monitoring system. In addition, the aim is to achieve highly efficient energy transfer while reducing the overall cost of the system. Also, will be ensured bidirectional charging (vehicle-to-grid, vehicle-to-vehicle) and the compatibility with future charging standards. Finally, human exposure to magnetic fields will be studied from a safety perspective to increase user acceptance.

Currently, there is still considerable technological and economic potential for improvement in induction charging systems for electric vehicles. For example, the on-board charger is often too heavy, too large and too expensive, and in some cases prone to faults. Broad user acceptance is also not yet guaranteed.

Project Profile

German partners:

  • Carmedialab GmbH
  • CTC cartech company GmbH (participation terminated)

French partners:

  • Centum Adeneo
  • EFI Automotive
  • Magtech
  • Laboratoire Ampère

International cooperation

EMCC is part of an international cooperation projekt "AllFraTech". The Cluster Electric Mobility Southwest intensifies its cooperation relations with relevant stakeholders in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region through the cross-border cooperation project “Franco-German Alliance for Innovative Mobility Technologies (AllFraTech)“. The jointly established cooperation strategy is the basis in the subsequent implementation phase for cross-border research and development projects on current issues relating to future mobility technologies.