Knowledge transfer

Highway at night - photo: (c) / Kalafoto

The knowledge transfer between industry, science and society is an essential task of the Cluster Electric Mobility Southwest. Special attention is given to the active support of small and medium-sized businesses in the technological transformation of electric mobility. In the following sections, we summarise the various services provided by the Cluster Electric Mobility Southwest with regard to knowledge transfer.




Studies published by e-mobil BW and the Cluster Electric Mobility Southwest in cooperation with partners from the science community provide a good overview on current developments, issues and challenges in the field of electric mobility. The focus is, for example, on development perspectives for sustainable mobility in Baden-Württemberg, questions to follow up in ICT and energy infrastructure as well as other fields of technology related to electric mobility.

Structural change consulting – electric mobility for small and medium-sized businesses

The small and medium-sized businesses in Baden-Württemberg are the backbone of the regional automotive and vehicle industry and an important innovation driver. Their active contribution to the automotive value chain is a major factor in the securing of jobs for the location Baden-Württemberg.

The technological transformation of electric mobility presents a dramatic challenge especially for these businesses. The value chain contributions in the automotive and vehicle industry will be drastically changed, however, new business activities and market opportunities for companies from Baden-Württemberg will open up.

The Custer Electric Mobility Southwest together with the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Construction Baden-Württemberg (MW) and the Eco Institute e.V. has therefore initiated structural change consulting for small and medium-sized businesses on the issues of electric mobility. The consulting services provide specific information on future opportunities and risks for small and medium-sized businesses in the transformation process of electric mobility.

TecNet Group Electric Mobility

The state-wide innovation network Automotive BW and the Cluster Electric Mobility Southwest have jointly created the TecNet Group Electric Mobility in order to start the intensive knowledge transfer in the cluster region and smooth the way for small and medium-sized partners to get access to cooperation projects.

Participating businesses share thoughts on current trends in electric mobility in meetings at regular intervals and jointly develop new ideas for future research and development activities. Together with Automotive BW, the cluster management provides information on current funding opportunities and other services offered by the Cluster Electric Mobility Southwest and other networks.

As a rule, the participation in the quarterly meetings of the TecNet Group is free of charge. The offer is directed at managing directors, managers and executives of OEMs, system suppliers and small and medium-sized businesses. New participants from all technology fields of electric mobility are most welcome anytime.