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Working Group Intelligent Move

Automated and connected driving is increasingly becoming a reality. Vehicles are becoming a source of communication, not only giving the driver access to the internet and numerous other infotainment services, but able to drive independently and communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure around them. This opens up a whole new field of opportunities, but at the same time presents dramatic challenges for industry and society.

The ‘Intelligent Move’ working group of the Cluster Electric Mobility Southwest addresses a whole range of subjects linked to this new form of mobility.

  • Automated Driving
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Mobility Data
  • New Mobility Concepts + Intermodality
  • Smart-Grid Integration

The working group envisages the future of mobility as safe traffic, running on all routes in a sustainable and automated mode. In addition, smart mobility enables new mobility solutions to be offered to users in order to satisfy their needs and expectations. This is only possible when vehicles and digital infrastructure are linked up in one intelligent traffic system. Ever-improving driver assistance systems contribute to the development of safe, efficient and highly automated vehicles. The basis for an intelligent mobility system is the utilisation and analysis of big data by self-learning systems.

Cooperation and activities

The partners in the ‘Intelligent Move’ working group meet at regular intervals, at least four times a year. During the meetings, matters of technological, economic, legal and social importance are discussed, road maps established and project ideas are generated. This is how the study “Automated. Connected. Electrified. – Potential of Innovative Mobility Solutions for Baden-Württemberg” was created. In October of 2015, the ‘Intelligent Move’ working group presented the position paper “Automated. Connected. Electrified. – Test Regions in Baden-Württemberg”, which served as the basis for a tendering process for the test field “Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg”.